Magi Ann

Who is Magi Ann?

Magi Ann is fast becoming a favourite character among Welsh children across the country. Generations of children from Clwyd and beyond have learned to read with the black and white Magi Ann books since the 70s, but today her stories are available for free, and animated on six exciting apps. The apps have now been downloaded over 200,000 times, and Magi ann’s calendar remains full to the brim with visits at events and eisteddfods all over the country!

Magi Ann’s Story

Magi Ann was the name of a doll owned by a little girl called Mena Evans. Magi Ann was Mena’s favourite doll, and after Mena grew up she found work as a teacher at Ysgol Gwenffrwd in Holywell. To help the little children learn to read, Mena went on to write the famous Magi Ann and Friends books. Those stories are now available nationwide, and animated for the first time in the form of six innovative apps, to help today’s children (and their parents) learn to read in Welsh.

Magi Ann Apps

The apps are great resources for children who already speak Welsh, for children who are learning Welsh, and also for parents and teachers who aren’t yet Welsh speakers themselves. The fact that so many have downloaded the apps proves the demand for this type of resource which helps parents and children learn to read in Welsh together. We know of families across the world who have downloaded Magi Ann apps to introduce the Welsh language to their children! The innovative resource is an effective way for children and parents to build confidence forming words and reading in Welsh, with useful interactive features such as:

  • The option for the user to either read the stories themselves or to hear the stories being read;
  • The option to see translations of sentences by tapping a button, or tapping on a certain word to hear how it is pronounced;
  • Jigsaws, word games and colouring pages.

Due to the overwhelming popularity and success of the Magi Ann apps, Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych now hold Magi Ann parties and activities with parent groups, children and local nurseries across Denbighshire. They’ve also invested in a Magi Ann suit, which enables special visits at the events from the star herself!

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